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Wokring on a Pottery Wheel

About Us

I founded Rav K Studio in 2019 after 10 years of playing with clay - learning, getting inspired by master artists, honing my craft and solitary hours of pondering over the beautiful, pliable material clay is.

In my studio, I work with persnickety porcelain, stoic stoneware & humble terra-cotta depending on what each piece demands. But whatever I do, colors are my primary inspiration - all hues & shades.

My pieces are either wheel-thrown or slab formed with extensive carving, etching, inlay-work. Everything is sealed with durable, non-toxic, food-safe glazes - microwave, dishwasher safe.

All my ceramic beads & buttons are hand-formed, no molds are used, each piece is unique.

All my jewelry is made with the beads that I create myself with minimal use of commercial findings. I use fiber, sterling silver & surgical stainless steel to finish my jewelry pieces, however the focal pieces are always my hand-formed beads.

My goal is to bring vivid colors to my customers & for my work to infuse a little sense of play in everyday mundane tasks.

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